Growing Sunflower Sprouts: Indoor Gardening Step-by-Step

Sunflower sprouts are a powerhouse of nutrition, and a great addition to any micro-green kitchen garden. Sunflower sprouts as a raw food are high in vitamins A, B complex, D and E. They also contain calcium, iron, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and zinc. The lecithin present in the sprouts is beneficial to breaking down fatty acids during digestion, and the chlorophyll helps activate enzymes, reduce inflammation and build your bodies blood supply. You can get up to 3 pounds of sunflower sprouts from a 11x22 inch tray. Sunflower sprouts have a nutty taste that is excellent for juices, wraps, sandwiches and salads.

Growing Sunflower Sprouts

What You Need

Sunflower seeds

Sprouting jar

11x22 inch tray with cover

Baby blanket

Kelp fertilizer


Worm castings

Spray water bottle

Step 1

Place your sunflower seeds into your sprouting jar, and cover them completely with twice as much cool water. Shake the jar to make sure the water gets to all the seeds. Set aside in a dark cupboard at room temperature to allow the seeds to soak for 12 hours.

Step 2

Drain the water from your sunflower seeds. Rinse the seeds with cool water and then drain the water thoroughly from the seeds. Store the seeds in an area away from sunlight and at room temperature. Continue to rinse and drain the seeds every 8 hours until 1/4 inch roots appear at about the third rinse.

Step 3

Select a 11x22 inch tray with drainage holes. Cut a baby blanket to a size that fits the tray. Soak the baby blanket with kelp fertilizer enriched water, and place it into the tray.

Step 4

Mix your vermiculite with worm castings, and add about 6 cups of soil to your tray. Make sure the tray is filled about 1/2 inch deep with soil.

Step 5

Spray the surface of the soil with water until it is damp. Spread your sprouted sunflower seeds over the soil evenly. Allow some of the seeds to layer over one another.

Step 6

Add holes to your tray cover to allow air circulation. Place the cover over the tray to maintain moisture and keep light from hitting the seeds. Place the tray in a dark location at room temperature.

Step 7

Continue to use a mist spray bottle to add enough water to moisten the soil each day. Uncover your seedlings once they are 1 to 2 inches tall. Place them in a sunny location so that the leaves can green.

Step 8

Harvest your sunflower sprouts when they turn green and reach 3 to 4 inches in height. Cut the greens near the base of the soil. Make sure to harvest the greens before the next pair of true leaves appear. Store your greens for up to 2 weeks in the refrigerator.


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