How to Grow Bean Sprouts — Indoor Gardening Step-by-Step Guide

Bean sprouts are and easy and nutritious way for you to grow your own food. These crunchy sprouts are good raw or cooked. They can be used raw in salads and on sandwiches, or cooked in a stir-fry. When sprouting beans, it is important that you use seeds that are organic and labeled for sprouting. Sprouting seeds treated with chemicals can be dangerous to your health. Most health food stores carry sprouting seeds that are safe to use.

Growing Bean Sprouts

What You Need

Sprouting seeds

Sprouting jar

Bean Sprout TypeSeeds to Measure OutAmount of Sprouts Produced
Adzuki1/4 cup1 cup
Chickpeas1 cup3 1/2 cups
Lentils1 cup2 cups
Mung Beans1 cup4 cups

Step 1

Use the chart to measure out the amount of seeds you need to grow your bean sprouts.

Step 2

Place your seeds into your sprouting jar. Rinse the seeds with cold water, and then drain the water completely from the seeds.

Step 3

Add lukewarm water to your jar, and let your seeds soak overnight. Drain the water thoroughly from the seeds the next day. Rinse and drain the seeds with cool water again.

Step 4

Place your sprouting jar in a dark location at room temperature. Repeat rinsing and draining your seeds at least twice a day. Make sure you drain all the water from the seeds to prevent spoilage.

Step 5

Rinse and drain your seeds once more after 2 to 5 days when your sprouts have reached the length you desire.

Step 6

Place your sprouts in a sunny location for a few hours if you wish for them to become more green.


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