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Tag: food shortages

Why You Should Include Jerusalem Artichokes in Your Backyard Food Forest

Jerusalem artichokes, also known as sunchokes, are a highly nutritious and versatile root vegetable that are well-suited to inclusion in a backyard food forest. These plants are hardy and easy to grow, making them a great option for both novice and experienced gardeners. One of the biggest benefits of...

List of Ways to Use Milk Kefir – Homestead Recipe Basics

Kefir grains are used to culture milk into a beverage that has similar probiotic benefits to yogurt. Once you begin culturing kefir, your grains will begin to multiply. You can get use out of these extra grains by making kefir cheese, butter or fermented vegetables....

How to Make Healthy Slushies – Homestead Recipe Basics

Slushies typically contain unhealthy dyes and flavorings with no nutritious value. However, you can use the drink as a way of giving your kids fruits and vegetables high in vitamins and nutrients by making homemade slushies....
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