How to Make Filmjolk Yogurt Cheese: Step-By-Step Instructions to Make the Best Yogurt Cheese

Filmjolk is a Swedish fermented milk similar to the yogurt made in the United States. It has a sweet buttermilk taste, and similar probiotic benefits as typical yogurt. When filmjolk is cultured in fresh milk, it creates a thick creamy custard yogurt that can be used to create a soft yogurt cheese. Filmjolk is different from traditional yogurt in that it can be cultured at room temperature. Your filmjolk yogurt cheese can be used in recipes just as you would use cream cheese.

What You Need

Filmjolk yogurt

Stainless steel pan

wooden spoon

Fine-meshed, double lined cheesecloth


Large bowl

Storage container

Step 1

Make 2 cups of filmjolk yogurt by following the How to Make Filmjolk Yogurt directions.

Step 2

Pour the yogurt into a stainless steel pan. Heat it on medium to medium-high heat

Step 3

Stir the yogurt continuously with a wooden spoon. Make sure to heat it to just below the boiling point. Do not allow it to boil. Watch for it to begin thinning out.

Step 4

Remove your yogurt from the heat when small curds begin to form and the it looks grainy. Set the it aside to cool.

Step 5

Pour the yogurt into a fine-meshed, double lined cheesecloth. Secure the end of the cheesecloth. Place it in a colander and put the colander in a large bowl to capture any whey that drips from the curds.

Step 6

Let the whey drip for at least an hour. The more whey you drain from your cheese, the firmer your cheese will be. Place a plate on your cheese for a few hours to press out even more of the whey.

Step 7

Scrape your cheese from the cheesecloth into a storage container. Use your filmjolk cheese just as you would cream cheese in recipes.


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