Cold Hardy Kiwi: The Ultimate Guide to Growing Kiwi Fruit in Cold Climates

Kiwi fruit is a delicious and nutritious fruit that is enjoyed by many people around the world. However, growing kiwi fruit traditional varieties are not always well-suited to growing in cold climates. Fortunately, there is a special type of kiwi known as cold hardy kiwi that can withstand temperatures as low as ‑25°F.

Tips for Growing Kiwi Fruit

growing kiwi fruit

Cold hardy kiwi is a variety of kiwi that is able to survive and thrive in colder climates. This type of kiwi is a hybrid of the traditional kiwi and a variety of kiwi known as Actinidia kolomikta. The resulting hybrid is hardier and more cold tolerant than traditional kiwi varieties.

One of the key advantages of cold hardy kiwi is that it can be grown in areas where traditional kiwi varieties would not survive. This means that gardeners in colder climates can enjoy the delicious taste of kiwi fruit without having to worry about the plant dying off in the winter.

Another advantage of cold hardy kiwi is that it is self-fertile, which means that it does not require a second plant for pollination. This makes it easier to grow for those with limited space. Cold hardy kiwi also has a longer growing season than traditional kiwi varieties, which means that it can produce fruit for a longer period of time.

When it comes to growing cold hardy kiwi, it’s important to choose a planting location that has well-drained soil and receives full sun. The plant should also be trained to a trellis or arbor to support its growth.

It’s also important to prune the plant regularly to encourage fruit production. Cold hardy kiwi fruit typically ripen in late summer or early fall.

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