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Tag: victory garden

Maximizing Your Garden Potential: Victory Garden Layout Tips and Tricks

Victory gardens, also known as “war gardens” or “food gardens for defense,” were vegetable, fruit, and herb gardens planted during World War II to reduce pressure on the public food supply. These gardens were a huge success and produced a significant portion of the produce consumed during the war....

First Shiitake Mushroom Harvest

This spring we inoculated hardwood logs with shiitake mushroom spawn plugs. We received our first harvest this week and threw them in the smoker with our sirloin steak. De-e-elicious....

How to Plant Potatoes

Potatoes are one of the earliest vegetables adapted to gardens, and are considered as important of a staple crop as rice or wheat. They are a cool-season vegetable. Potatoes are started from the "eyes" of larger potatoes, which are cut into pieces or whole small potatoes are used. ...
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